Wheel Adapter 5 Lug 127mm to 8 Lug 165.1mm – Pair

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Product Information: These two piece conversion type wheel adapters are used to convert 5 lug vehicle with 5′ (127mm) bolt pattern to fit wheels with 8×6.5 (165.1mm) bolt pattern. Mostly use for 5 lug Jeep to install 8 lug Chevy wheels. They will also space out your wheels for 2-inch to help you get enough clearance for wider tires and rims. CNC machined with precision craftsmanship using 6061 T6 aerospace quality billet, featured in high load capacity and corrosion resistance. High quality studs are pre-installed. Sold as a pair for 2 wheels. Order 2 pairs for all 4 wheels. Adapter Specification: Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 5×5′ (127mm) Wheel Bolt Pattern: 8×6.5′ (165.1mm) Studs Thread Size: 14×1.5 Hub Bore Size: 78mm Thickness: 2-inch (50mm) Lug Torque: 95 ft-lbs Black Allen Bolt Torque: 55 ft-lbs Installation Notes: Unscrew and separate the two adapter pieces first. Install the inner adapter piece using short open end lug nuts with no more than 13/16′ hex. If hub studs protrude outside the inner adapter piece and prevent the outer adapter piece from sitting flush, it is required to shorten the factory studs. Bolt outer adapter piece to the inner piece using provided black allen bolts. Install your wheels to the studs of the outer adapter piece using proper lug nuts that both match the thread size of the adapter studs and the seating style of your wheels.



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